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High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Planned or unplanned, downtime can come from any direction, in any form, at any time. The inability to keep a company operational during a technology outage, facility destruction, loss of personnel or loss of critical third party services can cause irreversible damage to your business. No matter what the reason is for your data loss—storage failure, no back-up copy, human error or corrupt— the results can be disastrous. Our solution can protect your servers and data from any planned or unplanned outage. With our HA & DR solutions, you can rest assured that your servers will be back online within a few seconds and with near-zero data loss. We support multiple Operating Systems and almost any Hardware and Application.


Server migrations with traditional tools can be complex, error-prone and require down-time that simply is not acceptable in today’s 24x7, always-on business climate. Our solution can provide you with a real near-zero downtime workload migrations across multiple operating systems, on any hardware or storage platform, and in any physical, virtual or cloud-based environment. We will ease the strain on internal IT resources, eliminate downtime and mitigate the risks associated with untested processes, to stringent service level agreement (SLA) requirements.

Real-Time Data Sharing

With the current variety of services and application requirements, businesses find themselves with a mix of databases that run on different hardware platforms, operating systems, and database systems. With this, IT still needs to make the business operate as efficiently as possible using all the systems in your environment. Our real-time data sharing solution, can capture, transform, enhance, and replicate data across multiple databases, operating systems and physical, virtual or cloud platforms.

Cloud Services

Companies have made significant investments in cloud computing, anticipating increases in performance, service responsiveness, and efficiency. Our Anything-to-Anywhere cloud based solutions allow Service Providers and Cloud Brokers to add a single streamlined solution for migration services, and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to their portfolios. Regardless of the number or type of platforms your clients use, you can help them achieve stringent service level agreements (SLA) and RPO/RTO goals with low-risk, near-zero downtime DRaaS as well as risk free migration to and from the cloud.

DR Automation

As IT becomes increasingly complex, automation represents a vital means to speed up and simplify crucial processes. If a process can be defined, however complex, it can be automated. The Internet of Things, Big Data, mobile technology and the cloud combine to present unmitigated opportunity. Automation ties up key business processes in efficient, repeatable loops, enabling you to differentiate quickly and effectively to bring IT closer to the business and ultimately drive profit. We can help you achieve continuous End-To-End Process Automation, Application Release Automation, Business Process Automation, Service Automation, DR Automation; you name it, we can automate it!

Desktop Virtualization

Gone are the days where the end users were tasked to do their work from one device and one location. Today, end users are leveraging new types of devices for work, accessing Windows applications alongside non-Windows-based applications and are more mobile than ever. In this new mobile cloud era, managing and delivering services to end users with traditional PC-centric tools has become time consuming and costly. Our VDI Platform not only spins up VMs but will amaze IT administrators as it performs its auto-discovery of IT assets, giving admins unfettered control of zero clients, thin clients, VMs, different vendor hypervisors, host computing resources, user permissions, proactive health status monitoring and alerting, and hundreds more contextual IT views and controls, all at a much lower cost that traditional PCs and other VDI competitors.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Remember when you used to carry a calendar, camera, phonebook, calculator, phone? Now you one device that has all the functionalities and components that you need. With Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, you can have your compute, storage, Networking and Virtualization resources fully integrated and natively converged into a turnkey hyper-converged solution.