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S2 Management Solutions FZ LLC is a business profile that provides best IT services and solutions in the region of UAE, Middle East and Africa. S2 Management solutions are best because they never compromise on the quality and never let down the client’s trust by completing the commitments. The online profile of S2 Management solutions can be visited at
S2 is a regional distributor for Carbonite and have more than 150 partners companies. S2 channel is always open for new partners and also provide certifications for new partners with the cooperation of carbonite.
Since 2013, S2 Management solutions is growing rapidly as a value-added distributor for IT services in the area of UAE. S2 provides the best IT solutions for enterprises, SMB’s, MSP’s/system integration solutions that are shortly described below.

Office 365 Backup
Office 365 is a version of office management software that is more robust and beneficial for small companies to large organizations to manage their business activities. The main and best feature of office 365 is its mail account and the OneDrive feature that allows anyone to access the data anywhere any time using any smart device connected to the internet. However, organizations have very important data and need to store emails to have a record. It is essential to have a backup of important data for any accidental deletion. S2 provides top-quality backup solutions for office 365.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery (DR)
The fourth industrial revolution increased the trend of using technology or shifting the systems from manual to automated. High availability and disaster recovery are necessary for any IT system of enterprises. Usually, the score for best highly available systems is known as 99.999 having 5 digits of 9. This score defines that the system will remain available online this particular time in a year, month, week and day. the solutions provided by S2 are highly available and best for disaster recovery in the case of any disaster.

Endpoint 360
S2 provides device security using carbonite’s endpoint security services. Secure devices help to prevent unauthorized access to devices or any phishing attacks on the system. S2 provides security by creating and regularly updating a backup of devices data in cloud stores. These clouds provide hybrid security solutions using endpoint 360 protection that helps organizations expanding their networks and alleviate the data loss.

Network Device Backups
A down network can let down the whole IT system that probably affects the business activities. Backup of network devices like virtual machines and VM wares is necessary to keep the system alive. Network device backup solutions provided by S2 can retrieve the backup and make the IT system available for the maximum time that can increase the efficiency of the business process.

Migration of data from one platform to another is a long and time-consuming task. Carbonite migrations are fully automated and take near-zero downtime migrations from any physical to virtual/cloud platform. It also provides facility to migrate across any platforms like Hypervisors, Clouds, different Servers and storage Vendors. S2 provides the best migration solutions.

Backup Solutions
Backup and Recovery solutions To Protect Your Data is a mandatory step to avoid interruptions in business process and communication. In a running business high availability is essential because it needs a durable and continuously running system without failure. Carbonite provides highly available solutions along with disaster recovery and provides real-time and byte-level replication with automatic fail-over capabilities.

Final words
To get more details about our services to visit the website and check with the services option. We are here to welcome you and provide best solutions powered by Carbonite, Backbox and Webroot. You may contact us on given link

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