Carbonite Recover

High availability, low overhead

Carbonite® Recover reduces the risk of unplanned downtime by securely replicating critical systems to the cloud, providing an up-to-date copy for immediate failover. Features include:

  • Recovery times measured in minutes, and recovery points in seconds, reducing the risks of lost productivity and revenue
  • Replication from the primary server to the cloud happens real-time at the byte level
  • Non-disruptive, self-service tests, failover reports and professional services support help provide confidence in your data protection strategy

For businesses that require a more hands-on approach, Carbonite® Managed Disaster Recovery service includes deployment and initial setup of Carbonite Recover software, plus ongoing management and validation that the disaster recovery solution is operational.

How it works

Efficiency at every step …

  • Carbonite Recover agent is deployed to the systems being protected and the service is configured.
  • Your systems will send data continuously, with minimal performance impact, to the Carbonite cloud.

… Reliable when it matters

  • When an outage occurs, you can fail over to the secondary copy with just a few clicks.
  • Within minutes, the cloud-based replicas will spin up and be available for use.
  • With very current data and rapid recovery, many users won’t experience a disruption in service.
  • Once you’re ready to fail back to your primary systems, the process is easily reversed.

Supported Platforms


Red Hat Enterprise Linux


VMware and Hyper-V


SUSE Linus Enterprise Server

Discover how Carbonite Recover can help you restore your data quickly and avoid business disruptions.

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